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February 19, 2018

Property Maintenance Video Series

The Property Maintenance Department and Habitat for Humanity has partnered to make videos about code violations and how they can be fixed. 
The first videos showcased how to fix peeling paint on houses. The Property Maintenance Department shows what the code violation is and why it is a violation. Habitat for Humanity then shows how to fix the problem and where you can find the resources at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for an affordable price. 
This video series will happen once a month on the City of Topeka Facebook page. The goal of the video series is to help educate citizens on easy and affordable ways to repair their homes.  
You can view both videos here and here.

Alternative Sentencing Court Graduation

The Municipal Court celebrated Valentine's Day in a very special way, the Alternative Sentencing Court had a graduation ceremony.
The mission of the Alternative Sentencing Court (ASC) is to help defendants with mental health issues, who are charged with misdemeanors, to get access to services that will help.
Participation in the ASC helps defendants stay clean, connect with the community and improve their quality of life by providing programs to reduce recidivism and the number of days mentally ill defendants are incarcerated.
There are currently 24 participants in the ASC and four graduated from the year long program on February 14th. Participants go through treatment, regular Court appearances, drug testing and payment of all court fees.
After graduation, participants still have access to the programs that helped them get through the program. Participants who have graduated also have the opportunity to mentor others in the program.
Learn more about Alternative Sentencing Court at the City's twitter page here .

City of Topeka's Development and Growth Management Report. 

The Planning Department has released the January, 2018 edition of the City’s Development and Growth Management (DGM) Report which can be found at
Highlights include:
• Total building permits for new construction or remodel this month (31) are virtually even with last year at this same time (30).
• 5 new single family housing units were approved totaling $1,080,000.

 Recent Updates 

  • The CIP Bus Tour was February 10th. See highlights from the bus tour on the City’s twitter page, 
  • The bridge replacement on SW Cherokee over Ward Creek is underway.
  • The Fire Department Training Division Staff assisted Kansas Forestry Service staff in delivery of a Wildland Safety refresher course for crews assigned to high risk wildfire areas within the city.
  • The Topeka Police Department want you to #BekindTopeka. The TPD announced its 1st nominated recipient, Sabrina Winston of the Shawnee County CDDO. You can watch Sabrina receive her award on Facebook Live

TPD Explorers

How important is the emphasis on crisis intervention and mental health? It’s a priority with Topeka Police Department and by extension our Explorers. So much so that our Explorers are bringing home a first place finish in the Nation in Crisis Intervention (De-Escalation) competition at a national competition in Gatlinburg, TN.

Coming up

  • February 21st- Coffee On Your Corner "Neighborhood Partnership Program." 
  • SORT Workshops will be held on February 24th and 28th at the Holiday Building. 


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