From the City Manager's Desk

March 5, 2018

Affordable Housing Ribbon Cutting 

The City of Topeka Department of Neighborhood Relations hosted a ribbon cutting at two new single family affordable housing units that were built last year. These homes, located on Van Buren Street, were donated to Cornerstone of Topeka who will rent the homes to low income families. 
The homes were financed with funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. New sidewalks will also be poured in front of the home. One of the families moved into their new home the same day of the ribbon cutting. 

Riverfront Assessment Work

In 2017 The City of Topeka received a $300,000 EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant. The EPA cleanup and assessment grants help provide communities with resources necessary to determine the extent of hazardous material at a site that will help them determine where hazardous material is so that the city can remove environmental uncertainties. The city will use the grant funding to expand redevelopment in the North Topeka Riverfront Area
The City began initial assessment work at sites along the Riverfront in North Topeka this week. This is an exciting project that will include several assessments of properties to clear them for redevelopment in the area.

Transparency in Government Survey

Please take the time to fill out this survey relating to data portals created by the City of Topeka to increase transparency in local government.  The answers provided through this survey do not rate or test your abilities as a user.  The purpose of this survey is to test the level of usability (e.g., ease of navigation, clarity, etc.) and the quality of content that is currently provided on the City of Topeka open data portals.  Please understand that the more information we collect, the better and more user-friendly we can make all of these products.  All responses will be reported in the aggregate and will be confidential.

 Recent Updates 

  • The 2019 budget calendar has been posted at
  • The Street Department filled 832 potholes last week.
  • The new rates for permit parking on Kansas Avenue was raised from $6 to $15 per day effective February 26th.

Removal of Relief Wells 

The Water Pollution Control Department started the process of removing and abandoning the relief wells in North Topeka on the Old Soldier Channel. This is being done per the COE requirements which include removing the top section and filling the well itself with sand and then flow able fill. There are three wells that are being removed. The discharge pipe also will be removed and backfilled.

Coming up

  • Feb 26th- Mar 9th the Topeka Police Department is participating in S.A.F.E. (Seat-belts are for everyone) seat-belt enforcement at local High Schools encouraging students and staff to buckle up.
  • The Topeka Police Department will be doing another Safe Church presentation on April 3rd. 
  • There will be a Budget Open House on March 14th to hear from the public on budget priorities. The open house will be from 5:30-7 at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library and is for all ages. See more information at


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