From the Interim City Manager's Desk

July 24, 2017

Search for City Manager Continues

The city of Topeka is considering five candidates for the city manager position that has been vacant since October. Strategic Government Resources (SGR), a local government executive search firm based in Keller, Texas, was selected to conduct the nationwide city manager search. SGR's recruitment and vetting process produced an impressive field of candidates, with the city receiving 28 applications from candidates in 17 states.

 Recent Updates

·         The 2016 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) has been posted online. This is a condensed version of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report designed to give the public a snapshot view of 2016 finances.
·         Inspectors have completed 1,838 housing cases since the beginning of the year.
·         Budget and Performance staff participated in the Regional Benchmarking Initiative (RBI) in Kansas City on July 19th. RBI is a collaborative effort of Kansas City area communities to share data and benchmark within the region. The group meets quarterly to discuss and explore the possibilities for the available data our cities and counties are able to produce and adequately measure between each other.
·         TPD welcomed a new Chief last week! Ten year old Austin Klumpp won Chief for a Day as a prize at a recent City event. Chief Austin spent some time with Chief Kramer, took a tour of the LEC, had some pizza with officers and ended his day at our bi-weekly crime issues meeting.
·         We have had 19 new customers sign up for WaterShare donations since we started promoting about a month ago. Pledged monthly contributions have ranged from $1 - $10. Inserts about the program will continue to go out with bills through the end of the month.

WaterShare Program

The WaterShare Program allows customers paying their City utility bill to add an automatic amount of their choosing to go to charity, for the purpose of assisting in the payment of City utility bills of those less fortunate.
Local charitable agencies and the City of Topeka created the WaterShare program as a means of facilitating convenient monthly charitable donations by citizens through their City of Topeka utilities bill. Doorstep, Let's Help, and the Salvation Army are administering all funds and selecting eligible recipients. In addition, all donations to the WaterShare program are clearly marked as charitable contributions on City utility bills and may or may not be tax-deductible (consult a tax advisor).
You may sign up to contribute to the WaterShare Program by:
  • Calling the Customer Service Center at 785-368-3111
  • Applying online
  • Faxing The PDF form to the Customer Service Center at 785-368-3825
  • Mailing a PDF form with your next City utility payment or to the following address: City of Topeka Customer Service Attn: Utility Accounts 3245 NW Water Works Dr. Topeka, Kansas, 66606
Your contribution will be appreciated by those in need.

Coming up   

·         Planning Director Bill Fiander will be the guest of the Real Estate Show on WIBW 580 AM this Sunday morning at 11:00 to discuss the deep dark world of zoning in Topeka!
·         TPD will host a Child ID kit event at the McDonalds at 21st and Belle on July 26th.
·         We will hold a Neighborhood Leaders Roundtable on Saturday July 29th at the Oakland Community Center.

Topeka Neighborhood Partnership Program

We are currently accepting applications for Topeka Neighborhood Partnership Program. The Neighborhood Partnership Program is a competitive grant program providing funding for neighborhood projects. This program:
o   Provides funding for events, projects and local grant-matching requirements for other grant programs
o   Is open to all formal and informal neighborhood groups. Informal groups can partner with a local non-profit or the Department of Neighborhood Relations Division of Community Engagement
o   Funds project costs from $500 to $2,500
The deadline for applications is July 28.


Doug Gerber

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