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August 13, 2018

MedSafe Sharp Objects Box 

The Topeka Police Department now has a sharps container available to the public.
The brand new sharps container is located next to the MedSafe box in the Law Enforcement Center lobby, and will allow citizens to dispose of approved sharps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Approved medical sharp objects include but are not limited to, syringes, needles, needle connectors, lancets, auto injectors, and infusion sets.
The department was able to purchase the sharps container with special funds from the Drug Tax Fund. Once collected, the sharps will be disposed by The Shawnee County Solid Waste Department.

Road Construction Update

The image on the right is a list of featured road construction projects for 2018. 
Contractors are placing concrete starting as early as 6 a.m.  because the city shuts-down concrete placement on public projects in the early afternoon, once temperatures approach 95 degrees.
Work continuing on: 
  • 21st & KS Intersection – Colored medians on 21st St. were poured this week. East/west traffic on 21st scheduled to open on Friday. The north and south legs of Kansas Ave. should open to traffic within 2 weeks when the pavement is complete and the temporary traffic signals are installed. Due to the temporary signal limitations, left turns will not be permitted at the intersection until the new signals are installed and operational, approximately mid-October.
  • SE Adams between 29th and 33rd. The final lane was poured. Once curbs are installed, the next phase from 29th to the Post Office will be reconstructed. 
  • 29th & Burlingame Intersection.  Concrete in the SW quadrant has been poured. Curb work is continuing.
  • Huntoon/Arvonia/470.  Contractor formed up the I-470 ramp on Saturday and began placing concrete pavement on Tuesday – after the rain event.
  • Microsurfacing. Project is completing its second week.  Most of this week was working in the College Hill area.
  • SW Gage (21st to 25th).
  • SW Fairlawn Road from 28th to 29th. Contractor removed sections of pavement along the southbound outside lane.
Street Project Startup and Major Phase Changes:
  • SW Fairlawn Road – 28th to 29th.
  • SW 29th – Fairlawn to I470.
  • Central Park Phase II Waterline replacement to begin Monday 7/30/18.

 Recent Updates 

  • There have been 63 water main breaks this month with 529 breaks year to date. Last year at this time there were 227 total breaks.
  • The most recent quarterly financial report can be found at
  • SE Granger St will be closed next week for boring of waterline for the SE 29th St project, dates pending.
  • TFD Training Division staff attended the monthly county fire training meeting of all Shawnee county fire service training staff.

Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization Survey 

The Planning Department hosted two community meetings and launched an on-line survey for public feedback on the Topeka/Shawnee County Transportation Safety Plan sponsored by the Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization (MTPO) and WSP consultants.
The project involves research of 23,591 crashes between 2010-2016 to ultimately determine how to reduce injuries, fatalities, and substantial economic loss related to crash incidents locally ($193 million annual average). Total crashes in the region are trending up. Much of this is due to driver behavior. Serious injury and fatal crashes are trending down except for pedestrians and bicyclists. For more information and to take the survey that will help develop focus areas for the plan, please visit

Water Main Breaks

Several water mains have broken due to a combination of factors including: dry weather, extreme heat and the age of the lines. Crews work to get the breaks fixed as fast as possible. If you see a water main break in your neighborhood please call: 785-368-3111

Temporary Sign Ordinance 

Political signs in the public right of way are only allowed forty-five days before an election cycle and up to two days after. Between August 10th and September 21st, the City of Topeka will be enforcing its temporary sign code, which does not permit election signs in the right of way, until the general election cycle starts.
All signs in the public right of way are subject to removal. There are also additional restrictions during this time on private property – only one sign per property, no bigger than 4’ tall and 6 sq. ft. in residentially-zoned areas, and no bigger than 6’ tall and 32 sq. ft. in commercially-zoned areas or on parcels larger than 1 acre in any zoning district. The City of Topeka does not go on private property to remove any signs. If there is a complaint about a suspected sign violation on private property, the City will investigate and communicate to the owner as to any corrective action.
Property owners that have not given consent to use of their private property may remove signs at any time. If a sign is in the right-of-way starting August 10th through September, 21st, residents can remove the sign in front of their property in the right-of-way or they can call the City for enforcement at 368-3012 or report the sign through the SeeClickFix app.
For questions about the Temporary Sign Ordinance, please contact the Planning Department at 368-3728.

Budget Book 

Budget staff is finalizing the 2019 budget book, which will be available to the public at and on the budget portal at!/year/default.

Coming up

  • City Council Meeting, August 14th at 6 p.m. 
  • The next bond sale for revenue bonds will be Tuesday, August 14th.
  • The budget public hearing was held on August 7th. The next step in the budget process is budget adoption on August 14th. Visit for the budget calendar and budget document.

Brent Trout 

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