Cash Management

The city recognizes that effective cash management is an integral part of good financial management.  The city seeks out investments that achieve the highest rates within allowable securities that preserve the safety, liquidity, return on investment and diversification of funds.  The chart to the right describes the invested value of city investments compared to the guidelines of the investment policy.  It also shows the total cash balance of the city as of the month end in the total cash balance line, and shows the average duration of investments, which are limited to under two years for municipalities that do not have expanded investment powers as granted by the State of Kansas except for funds designated as multi-year capital improvement or investment of proceeds on bonds issued under Kansas law.  

Debt Management

Finance staff oversee all debt issued by the city, which includes General Obligation (GO), revenue backed, revolving loan funds, temporary notes and special assessment debt.  The current debt for the quarter ending June 2018 the city had $408,675,177 in permanent and temporary debt, compared to $390,798,773 in the same quarter in 2017 or an increase of 4.57%. 
For more information and to visit the city's fiscal sustainability performance page, click on the image below.

City of Topeka Checkbook

This data allows citizens to view who received payments from the city for goods or services and how much they received. The application allows the user to drill down from aggregated spending accounts all the way down to each individual payment to a payee. Please visit City of Topeka Checkbook open data site to review how we allocate public funds.