Fund Overview

General Fund revenues year to date were $38,540,865 an increase of approximately 2.67% over 2016 revenues which were $37,540,335. The largest difference monetarily is in Taxes and Assessments with the increase mainly due to an increase in Sales Tax collections compared to the prior year.  General Fund expenditures year to date were $39,279,337, an increase of approximately 7.81% over 2016 expenditures which were $36,435,086.  The largest increase is in expenditures monetarily are in the police department, fire department, and neighborhood relation. The increase in police and fire departments are mainly related to increased personnel costs. The increase in neighborhood relations department is mainly related to budgeted purchases of motor vehicles and the demolition of nine structures thus far in 2017 compared to none in the same period of 2016.
General Fund
Other City Funds