Capital Improvement Projects 2023-2017

Historically , the City Council has approved a five-year Capital Improvement Plan, which includes a two-year Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) comprised of the first two years of the plan. Beginning with the 2015 CIP, the Council was asked to adopt the CIP before the annual budget process, and to approve a three year budget. This gives departments a three-year picture for capital project planning. It is noted that appropriations can only be made on an annual basis. In order to realize better financial planning this will be the first CIP that utilizes a 10 year time-frame as opposed to 5.
In addition to the 3 year Capital Improvement Budget, the 2018-2027 CIP will include 10 years of projects. The first 5 years of projects will be detailed with specific project sheets as in prior years, but years 6-10 (2023-2027) will be included in a summarized list, similar to the Future Funding list.