May 12

Topeka Municipal Court will have its second Clean Slate Day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, May 12, at Topeka Municipal Court, 214 S.E. 8th Street. Participants can park for free in the lot at S.E. 8th and Madison.
Much like the first Clean Slate Day on Oct. 14, 2016, this second event will help people with payment plans and options relating to charges filed in Topeka Municipal Court. The Court also will help people with pulling arrest warrants – in exchange for setting a new court date – and expungements. Expungements clear a conviction from a person’s record and involve meeting certain requirements, such as staying out of trouble for one to 10 years.
Financial assistance will be available for those who meet income qualifications. We estimate we will be able to help 300 people May 12.

To qualify for financial aid

Financial assistance for certain administrative fees is available for those who meet income qualifications. Funding will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
Those applying for financial aid need to bring the following with them to Clean Slate Day:
  • Household income
  • Social security card
  • Photo ID
To qualify for financial assistance on Clean Slate Day, a person must be a Topeka resident and have an annual income of $26,300 or less for a one-person household. Two-person households must have an annual income of $30,050 or less; three-persons, $33,800 or less; four persons, $37,550 or less; five persons, $40,550 or less; six persons, $43,550 or less; seven persons, $46,550 or less and eight persons, $49,550 or less. 

About the donated funds

Donated funds will go toward:
  • Expungement fees
  • Court costs
  • Certain reinstatement fees for drivers' licenses
The punitive fines associated with charges will remain the responsibility of the defendants.
Financial assistance is provided by the Topeka Community Foundation, which represents multiple, anonymous donors.

Resource Fair

People who attend the event also will have access to community resources, including free legal advice, employment opportunities, housing, finances, education, food resources and other social service needs. Booths will be set up inside the Topeka Performing Arts Center, for people to visit while they wait to see the judge.

First Clean Slate Day helps 370 people

More than 10,000 people have outstanding fines in Topeka’s Municipal Court, from $10 seat belt infractions to $1,250 for DUI convictions. At least 3,000 of them have outstanding arrest warrants for missing their court dates.